I have a diploma in Aromatherapy from Online Academies.  I’m also studying for a diploma in Aromatherapy with the School of Natural Health Sciences, which will add Aromatherapy Massage to my available treatments, once completed.

Aromatherapy diploma

Many people think of aromatherapy as simply ‘nice smells’, but it’s much more than that. The sense of smell is of course important in how it works, and it’s a great way to access the benefits. But when applied topically or ingested (some oils, with caution) the active ingredients in aromatherapy oils can benefit the whole body, even if you have no sense of smell.

Aromatherapy can help with a wide range of ailments, from headaches and migraines, through digestive problems, anxiousness and sleep issues, to auto-immune disorders and even, according to some, cancer.  t can help relieve exhaustion, brain fog and many health challenges that your doctor doesn’t have a cure for.

Essential oils, unlike conventional medicine, can penetrate right into your cells, to kill any viruses that might be lurking there. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) oil is one of the best anti-virus oils, and you can get excellent quality Melaleuca Oil from do-TERRA, at a reduced price, if you access it through my do-TERRA web shop page, where there is also a short video about its healing properties.

CAUTION: It is important to ensure, when choosing aromatherapy products, that they are as pure as possible, and preferably organic. Many of the cheaper oils on the market are diluted, either in carrier oils or in chemicals that are either toxic, or at least unhelpful. Always choose an oil that states clearly that it is ‘therapeutic grade’ or ‘food grade’ before using it on skin or internally.

Good quality oils, such as those supplied by do-TERRA, can be used topically (i.e. directly onto the skin), though many should be diluted in a good-quality carrier oil, especially for children or people with sensitive skins; most can also be taken internally. Dilution is also necessary when ingesting some oils, and you may prefer to take them in a vegetable capsule (available from do-TERRA), especially if you are taking a combination of oils, or need several drops in one dose.