Flower Remedies

Qualifications: Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Higher International Diploma in Flower Remedies from the School of Natural Health Sciences

The wonderful thing about flower remedies is that they can’t do any harm. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens. You can use them alongside any other form of treatment, and there are no conditions under which it is not safe to use them.


Walnut is great for helping you deal with life changes.
White Chestnut can help quiet a busy mind and improve your chances of sleep when thoughts are racing. 
Take Mustard for sudden fits of depression that come out of nowhere.
Clematis is great if you can’t shake a compulsion to daydream.

It was a proud day for me when I attained my first Higher International Diploma (HID), which was in Flower Remedies, achieved in 2011. I had to write a dissertation on a piece of personal research, quoting sources where appropriate, so it was more demanding, but also more focused, than the diploma and the advanced diploma.

Flower remedies are more than a century old. In fact, some are much older than that, but the pioneering work done by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s brought the concept to the world. His most famous product, Rescue Remedy, is used by millions, but there is so much more to flower remedies than this. Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies, which he grouped into seven categories: 

  • For Fear
  • For Loneliness
  • For Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances
  • For Uncertainty
  • For Overcare for the Welfare of Others
  • For Despondency and Despair
  • For Those Over-sensitive to Influence and Ideas

These 38 remedies are still in use to today, and still very relevant to modern issues. Dr Bach hoped others would pick up where he left off, and there are now many other families of remedies, using native flowers from many countries (eg, American, Australia, the Himalayas) and hence there is a much wider variety of issues they can help with.

They would be better described as flower helpers, as they are not designed to help directly with physical healing, but more to help with mental or emotional issues; some provide assistance on the spiritual path.

If Bach remedies are something you would like to try, I can provide a dosage bottle for you to take away, or receive in the post.  Should your requirements be for one of the many hundreds of other essences, I can help you choose what is right for you, and how much to take for how long.

I have also developed a remedy of my own – Hyssop – that can help to break down barriers to spiritual growth and personal development. See the Products page for further details.