Spiritual Healing

Qualification: Healer Practitioner certification, International Church and Healing Federation

The term Spiritual Healing can be off-putting to some people.  To some, it is known simply as Healing.  However, like Reiki, it simply involves channelling healing energy through my hands and into my client.

Spiritual Healing diploma

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.  You have chosen a therapy that keeps on giving long after you leave the couch!

Unlike Reiki, where a full session can last an hour or more, Spiritual Healing is a short therapy, given for only 3-4 minutes at a time, so it can be added to the end of any other type of session.  It is no less powerful for that, as I’m channelling the healing energy directly into your nervous system, via the top and bottom of your spine, so that it flows through your whole body.  Even though it’s a quick treatment, many people need a few moments to come back to full consciousness after a treatment, and some have been known to fall asleep while receiving it, even when sitting on a stool!

Spiritual Healing can be sent as distant healing, although how effective it is may depend on how willing the recipient is to accept it.  Unlike many other therapies, it can also be given by a group of healers, with up to three healers being gathered around the client at one time.  Usually a hands-on therapy, it is still effective with hands held above the body, so if you would prefer this, please feel free to ask for it.

‘I love having this treatment, and often fall asleep during a session.  It makes me feel warm and comfortable and I can forget my aches and pains for a while.’  GF, fibromyalgia client.