Past Life Therapy

Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy, School of Natural Health Sciences

Past Life Therapy opens up a fascinating area of investigation.  Whether the information you pick up is genuinely from a past life you yourself have lived; whether it has reached you via the genes you inherited from your ancestors; or whether it is a story from the Collective Unconscious or an archetype that shows you your problem in a format that you can more easily handle, the result is still a therapeutic experience unlike any other.

Past Life Therapy Advanced Diploma

“I have been here before, but when and how I cannot tell; I know the grass beyond the door, the sweet keen smell, the sighing sound, the lights around the shore.  I knew it all of yore …”
Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Sudden Light

Past Life Therapy is a form of Hypnotherapy; ie, it is performed when you are in a light trance state.  Don’t panic at this word – it’s just the same as being half-way to sleep.  You can’t and won’t be made to do anything humiliating – you are in control of the session, and any time you want to come out of the hypnotic state, you can do so, without permission and without help.

In essence, the Past Life Therapist can help you discover the hidden reasons behind issues, behaviours, or connections that baffle you, worry you or that keep recurring in your life, the origins of which don’t seem to have anything to do with anything you remember happening in your life.  It can help to explain many things that have puzzled you about your phobias, repeating patterns, or challenging life circumstances, and resolve them so that you don’t have to keep repeating them any more.

Past Life Therapy can also be harnessed to find out more about your purpose in life, why you chose your parents or family, or what you hoped to gain from your friendships or relationships.  Many of the people you interact with most closely are soul family members, and you may be surprised to discover what you hoped to learn from them!

This therapy should come with a serious warning:  don’t undertake it unless you are prepared to let go of some deeply held issues!