In addition to providing therapeutic treatments, I can supply a number of therapeutic products.

‘Wonder Goo’

My Wonder Goo is made with lavender oil and arnica gel.  It’s an amazing healer and I’m constantly surprised at the stories I hear from people who’ve used it.  It’s helped my sister’s mother-in-law to return to knitting and crochet, when fibromyalgia and arthritis had made it too painful; a friend who had badly scraped and inflamed knees after falling off her bike found it eased both pain and swelling in minutes; and someone who works as a gardener swears by it for all the minor injuries he receives in the course of his work.  As a bonus, it smells great, too!

Small  30ml – £4.00

Large 60ml – £7.50

Hyssop Flower Remedy – hand crafted in my own garden

This remedy has the effect of helping to remove barriers to personal development and spiritual growth (preserved in cider vinegar)

Small 15ml – £2.50

Medium 25ml – £4.00

Large 50ml – £7.50

Reiki-attuned Crystal Jewellery

I can provide a variety of bracelets in single or multiple crystals, either beads or chips, attuned to the Reiki energy to provide you with a constant supply while you are wearing them. Most crystal bracelets will be priced at £7.50, but the exact price of a particular piece will depend on the type of beads used and the price of the materials.

£7.50 for most bracelets – custom prices may vary

I can also create custom crystal jewellery (necklaces, pendants and earrings) to match the bracelet or as single pieces.

Price on application – to be determined for each custom piece

Past Life Novel

If you are interested in past lives and how they can affect your current life, you may like to read my novel, Healing the Wounds, which describes in a fictionalised way how I have worked with my own past lives to heal current issues. It’s available on Amazon as both a ‘print on demand‘ paperback and an instantly downloadable Kindle edition.

“Cathy Heritage has lost a child, an embryo she carried for only a few days. Haunted by the loss, she dreams about a past life in which she was brutally killed while pregnant, and learns the reason for a painful relationship break-up. As more past life issues on a similar theme begin to come to light, Cathy learns to find relief from the karmic emotions she has carried for many lifetimes, through forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and compassion.

With tears and laughter, the unfailing support of good friends and her spirit guide, and initially the bewilderment and scorn of others, Cathy learns to release much of her past-life trauma. Along the way, she helps others release their own trauma, forms new friendships and frees herself to find a wonderful new relationship, as well as a possible new career. But the hardest lesson of all is to let go of the little girl she never got to hold.”

£6.99 paperback

£3.99 Kindle edition

Chapter 1 – Free Sample (.pdf)