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Amazing! And I mean RESULT!

I have a disc bulge. Not a huge one but after an initial bout of incredibly debilitating pain and months of physio, a year later i was still living with day to day stiffness and pain. I could not quite shake it and i was doing ALL the right things (NHS)... she offered me reiki and i have to admit i was a sceptic... but I was also desperate for resolution. What can i say? ONE session. I still almost cannot believe it but TOTAL relief! Not a twinge! No stiffness. Feel like a 20 year old again (well my back does!) And I am 50 er, something 😉 prepare to be truly amazed. Forever grateful you wonderful woman!
- Fiona Edwards

Great Help

I have seen Karen on several occasions and her attitude towards me and her knowledge of the therapies she has given me have really helped. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Karen
- Rick Leslie