Indian Head Massage

Qualification:  Diploma in Indian Head Massage, School of Natural Health Sciences

I now also offer Indian Head Massage (IHM) as a relaxing treatment.  Many people find that they feel calmer and sleep better after a session of IHM, and several clients have commented that aches and pains – not always in the head and shoulder area – feel much improved after such a massage.

Indian Head Massage DiplomaIHM is a clothed treatment, where the client sits on a kneeling stool or a low-backed chair.  After I have discussed your reasons for seeing me, and received your feedback from the last treatment (if relevant), my sessions begin and end with a few moments to help me connect to my client, and to help you to begin the relaxation process.

The massage then starts around the upper back and shoulders, and works up the neck, around the base of the skull, over the scalp and through the hair, and around the face, finishing with acupressure around the ears.  I end the session with a few moments of connection, to bring the client’s energy back into harmony.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used to enhance the experience, and I can guide you through the choice of oils.

Because the massage covers the neck, face and ears, it is helpful if you can arrive without makeup or jewellery, and glasses will need to be removed.

Regular sessions of IHM can help to improve sleep patterns, chronic pain and migraine recurrence.  Call now to book your session!

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“I found my sessions with Karen very relaxing and floated home afterwards feeling very peaceful.  Even when I was feeling very stressed on arrival, I drifted away during the treatment and felt much better by the end of the session.  I also found these sessions helped me sleep better and wake up more refreshed.  I will definitely be booking more treatments with Karen!”  Jane, Tunbridge Wells