Crystal Healing

Qualification: Diploma in Crystal Healing, School of Natural Health Sciences

Many people have difficulty in understanding how crystals (or ‘stones’ or ‘rocks’) can have any effect at all on human health and wellbeing.  But Crystal Healing can be a powerful treatment, especially when combined with other holistic therapies.

Crystal healing diploma

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing.” – Einstein.  In other words, all matter is made of energy.  Therefore, the energy in crystals can influence matter in many different ways.

As science is increasingly discovering, everything has a vibration, or wavelength, and ill health or negative thought patterns have a wavelength of their own that can affect our own overall vibration and influence those of others around us.  This is one way that we can pick up someone else’s infection or low mood – or their bright, happy mood.  You know that being around some people can make you feel better or worse.  So the steadfast influence of a solid object like a crystal, which is less easily influenced than a human energy field, can help to bring your own vibration back into balance.

Each part of our system vibrates with a different wavelength, including different types of thoughts and emotions.  Crystals have vibrations that correspond to the healthy vibrations that humans emanate when they are in balance and harmony.  Finding the crystal that resonates with the healthy vibration you need to produce can help to bring dissonant energies back to their optimum wavelength.

There are so many new crystals these days, and more are being discovered all the time, that there is sure to be a crystal that can help with any issue you can identify.

There are also many different shapes and sizes and textures of crystals.  They can be rough, smooth, polished or shaped, including orbs, wands, or skulls; each shape affects the way in which crystals work with our energies.  They can be held, carried, worn, or gridded around a room or bed, or placed under a chair, healing couch, bed or pillow, to bring their energies into your life.  They can be placed in water and left in sunlight to make elixirs, or combined with other therapies to enhance healing or improve treatment.

I have a wide range of crystals in many shapes, colours, textures and types, with reference materials to determine which may be the most appropriate for your needs.  (There are far too many these days to be able to remember them all!)  If you can come and see me for a treatment, these will be available to help you.  If you can’t, I can recommend something for you to buy that should help with your issue, and help you work with it.

‘I was amazed to find that after just one treatment with crystal healing and hypnotherapy, I was able to fall pregnant within just a couple of weeks!’  CT, fertility client.