Here are some links to a few useful sites on the web where you can find tips and strategies for stress management, as well as aromatherapy oils, herbal remedies, healing crystals, training courses in holistic therapies, and other related items. Please feel free to browse for what you’re looking for. I can’t guarantee that what you find here will be of use, but I have personally found these sites of value.

In addition to my aromatherapy qualification, I can now offer discounted prices on do-TERRA essential oils, which are the very best quality oils I have personally come across so far.  They are totally organic, highly tested for quality, and ethically produced to ensure that not only are the plants harvested at their peak, but the farmers are paid an ongoing salary to ensure they are able to keep producing the very best products.  Click on this link to take you to my webpage on do-TERRA:  If you’d like to see a little of what do-TERRA’s philosophy is like, watch this YouTube video about their Frankincense oil.

I also have a listing on Reiki Pages – click the image below.  Please do leave me a review if you have been happy with your Reiki session with me.

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The School of Natural Health Sciences –
Online therapeutic training courses.

The Institute of HeartMath –
This organisation has been studying the heart, its unique intelligence, and how it can help to heal us, for decades. They offer products, advice and membership on this website, as well as having a number of books available to buy.

Green Man Essences –
Sue and Simon Lilly have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to offer in creating and choosing the right essence for you.  They have written a number of books on several holistic healing topics.

The Stress Management Society –
Their philosophy is simple—everyone should have the tools to cope better. They aim to provide those tools and help as many people as they can.

Herbal Healing –
Suppliers of herbal, ayurvedic, crystal healing and aromatherapy products, Japanese incense and Reiki products.

Holistic Shop UK –
For supplies of crystals, divination tools, aromatherapy products, and other holistic items.

Spiritual Response Therapy –
Find out about a system that can help to release all the negative energies that are holding you down.

New Millennium Essences –
A site from New Zealand where you can find flower essences to buy, and healing flower images to help you on your journey.