Therapeutic Crafts

Do you knit, crochet or colour?  If you don’t, would you like to? A therapeutic crafting group could be just the thing for you!

Doing this type of activity can help with a wide range of physical, emotional and mental issues, including:

  • Depression, stress, anxiety, low mood (see Molly Makes website)
  • Low self-esteem, confidence and/or belief
  • Dexterity of mind and/or hands
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Cognitive impairment issues, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Social isolation; feeling purposeless and undervalued
  • Addictions, including smoking
  • Eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Personal and social wellbeing
  • Increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by ageing (see CNN website)

There are many reports and investigations that prove Therapeutic Crafting acts like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness rolled into one, for people who prefer the distraction of movement. Here’s one of those reports, on the Healthlines website.  If you’ve ever been recommended to take up one of these activities, but found them difficult to do because your mind kept running away with you, then knitting, crochet, colouring or crafting could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Research shows that these activities calm the mind and distract from repetitive or negative thoughts, and even from pain. Even with activities using designs created by others, you can make small daily choices, such as yarn or pencil colour and pattern or outline, and this can help you when it comes to making larger decisions, and can also lift your mood. When practised in a group, crafting can provide a welcoming and supportive social environment, something to do with your hands so you don’t have to look at people while you talk, and you can work on projects for others or for charity, which can bring an increased sense of being useful, worthwhile, and valuable.

Knitting as an occupational therapy has been used since the First World War, and is becoming more common in Pain Management Clinics, GP surgeries, care homes, workplaces and schools, as well as in community settings. It is an inexpensive way to improve your wellbeing and motivation, and you can also meet and socialise with people.  A crafting group can help with long-term support and monitoring if you need them.

Knitting needles or a crochet hook and yarn can be carried almost anywhere and used to help calm nerves before a meeting or medical intervention; to while away the time while travelling or waiting for an appointment; and to distract you from worrying about something you can’t change or improve. Knitting and crochet can help to create not only beautiful, strong and resilient fabrics, but also beautiful, strong and resilient minds, bodies and communities.

For more information or to book a session or arrange a group, please contact me, Karen Tucker, either through the Contact Form or by text or phone on 07719 756096.  Tuition is also available in knitting, crotchet, cross stitch and tapestry, and you could even use one of my own knitting pattern designs, available on my Embrace Crafts website.