Meridian Psychotherapy

Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy, School of Natural Health Sciences

Meridian Psychotherapy is a fairly new therapy, which combines psychotherapeutic techniques in getting to the cause of your problem, with the tapping techniques pioneered by Emotional Freedom Technique.

Adv Dip Meridian Psychotherapy

A relatively quick and painless way to deal with phobias, trauma, lack of confidence, and many other issues.

The session will be begin with helping you tease out the basis of the problem.  You will then create a sentence you can use throughout the treatment, which states that, ‘even though I [insert issue here – have a fear of falling from a high place, for instance], I deeply and profoundly accept myself’.  You’ll then tap several points on your meridian energy lines, stating an improving sequence of points as you do.  Part way through, you perform a simple brain-balancing exercise to help the treatment to be even more effective, and finally repeat the tapping routine again.

We check your level of discomfort before and after the treatment, so you’ll see how much it’s improved.  If necessary, the routine can be repeated or the statement changed or refined.  If the problem you identified has improved but the underlying condition hasn’t, we can discuss the problem again to see what else is lurking in its murky waters.

This therapy can deal with a wide range of problems, ranging from phobias and trauma to confidence and self-esteem issues.  It may even be effective in helping to cure issues such as hay-fever, or stress-related health problems, if we can identify and summarise the underlying reasons.