I can provide one-to-one consultations and treatments, both face to face and over the telephone, as well as delivering workshops and small group work in some therapies. Information sheets are available on a number of topics related to the services I can offer.


How many sessions your particular issue will require will of course be personal to you. However, it is likely that unless you are coming to me for phobia treatment or a simple case of smoking cessation (ie one where you simply need more willpower or motivation, rather than help to remove the craving), you will probably need at least 3 sessions. Weight management, in particular, can be due to a very complex mixture of issues that will need to be tackled separately, and may require 6 sessions or more.

Each session will focus on one aspect of your issue(s), but if you would like to book a series of 6 consultations, more than one issue can be treated if time permits.

If you are concerned about whether you can afford to see me at these prices, ask yourself this - what is the price I will ultimately pay for NOT sorting out my issue(s)?

1 Hour initial consultation session


One hour session


Introduce a friend and get your next session half price


Reiki 1 workshop (2-6 students) (including manual)


Reiki 1 attunement, training and manual - one-to-one


Reiki 2 workshop (2-6 students) (including manual)


Reiki 2 attunement, training and manual - one-to-one


Reiki group practice sessions - available to students after attunement (1.5 hours sessions)


Small group work

Price on Application

Stress Management Workshop—half day

Price on Application

Reiki 3 (Master/Trainer) will be available shortly - prices to be determined according to length of course. Reiki 1 courses are four hours long; Reiki 2 courses are five hours. Students must read the course manual before attending the training. This can be emailed or a hard copy posted to you.

I also have other products available (flower remedies and Reiki-attuned crystal jewellery) - see Products page for further details, including prices.

Discounts are available on British Army Discounts and NHS Discount Card. Please click on the links to go to the relevant website offers.